Monday, February 29, 2016

Who's That Guy ? : Day 2...


BEEP BEEP !!!! ZOOOOM (like the road runner)...i was out the door to power walk to mr white guy!!!! lol!!!!  playlist of the day (GWEN STEFANI : MAKE ME LIKE YOU )

and i didn’t even care that the bright sun still didn’t quite set yet.. i’ll sacrifice the few minutes in the sunlight just to be close to the potential man of my dreams !!!! lol...

is he gay?
is he straight?
is he married?
is he single?
is he Caucasian? or perhaps middle eastern?
is he a terrorist from syriaAfghanistani’raQ hiding away in this little city planning a terror attack on our nation’s capital?? lol

oh my god.. there’s a new gym that’s opening up here really soon.. what if he joins up too and i could probably spot him there regularly!!!

so many question?? the possibility are infinteless!!!! (yes i just made up that word!)

so as i walked out my lane.. to the cul de sac round about where i lost my virginity heart to him yesterday... here he comes... him in his shirt without sleeves... sweat stains and all...

oh god... he’s coming closer... as i play it all cool listening to my groove... (gwen Stefani pls help me..)

as he was just about to come my way... he LIFTS HIS LEFT ARM UP TO WIPE THE SWEAT OFF THE BACK OF HIS NECK...

at this point i really didn’t know whether to look at his pits or to make eye contact with him... i was almost hyperventilating inside...

my adrenaline took over and made me do something so totally out of this world....


he looked at me... still with his left pit exposing itself... and he looked at me!!! our eyes caught each other... and I F%^K!NG CRACKED A SMILE!!!!!!!!!!! (do you even know that i never ever smile at anyone... EVER???????)

oh god... he kinda smiled at me.. i think... or he could have been squinting because of the bright setting sun behind me... well.. either way... he looked at me.. and i smiled at him...

mayebe he thought im just crazy?
or just gay?
or just friendly?
maybe he was infact surprised i smiled at him and he didn't know what to do?

sigh.... either way.. the ice is broken...and that leaves it open for me to smile at him the next time i see him again..

if i ever see him again..

oh god...

oh god..... why u gotta go and make me like you?

Gwen Stefani ~ Make Me Like You


fantus said...

I am so proud of you!!!!

Keep it up!!

N!LoC said...

Will get to the bottom of this . I have to know if he's gay or not !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even if he is gay, what are the odds he will be into you?

You are pathetic.

N!LoC said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Mr anonymous from singapore / Facebook link !!!

You are the 1st TROLL to comment on this blog ...

And for that incredible honor ... You have just won a rainbow sash with the fabolous title : HATER


fantus said...

Hey Anon,

Are you that jealous??? Tell us your story! We will listen and ask any question you are welcome here. You donot get thrown out!

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