Saturday, December 6, 2014

Do You Wanna **** Me...


if you wanna hug me
then baby let’s hug
but if you want a kiss
let’s keep it (hush hush)

if you wanna cuddle
let’s cuddle all night long
and if you wanna strum me
play me like a song

if you wanna taste me
baby... lick away
if you wanna smell me
then smell... as you may

we can roll around
naked... in your bed
play some “lost and found”
give you... a little “head”

i can tickle your fantasy
make dreams... a reality
shoot stars... like astronomy
play up... my androgyny


do you wanna hug me?
do you wanna kiss me?
do you wanna touch me?
do you wanna **** me?

  ~ by N!LoC~


fantus said...

This is sweet and it!

N!LoC said...

Enjoy it while you can ....

fantus said...

oh and "YES"!!!!

N!LoC said...

Ok . You can have access .....

fantus said...


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