Sunday, September 7, 2014

Behind The Writing : The Simple Things...

The Simple Things... (originally posted on January 18th 2014)

"this one was very straight forward and self explainable... i threw in the whole GOLD IPHONE reference because it would have been the best present ever if someone were to give me an iphone 5s as a gift... but i bought it as an xmas gift... for MY SELF..... (i even attention'ed the greeting card to "me"... sad but true...)
i have gal friends who have had the latest phones given to them on a silver platter by their generous boyfriends as annual gifts all the time... and i was always envious of them and wondered what it would really feel like if i was on that receiving end... but that's beside the point... i really don't expect anything superficial like expensive gifts to make me smile... and that's why such a simple thing like "liking" my stuff on facebook is such an epic gesture for me...
something so simple... yet it has such meaning to me... especially when it was comming from a person that i really cared so deeply about... yet in many ways... this poem was more like a plea for attention... and my plea unfortunately went un noticed...  woooosh..... :-( "

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