Saturday, September 20, 2014

Behind The Writing : It Ain't Easy...

It Ain't Easy... (originally posted on new year's eve 2013)

"one of my ultimate poems...  a very very very personal one... i was at a local tropical resort at the time and wrote it on new year's eve and posted it fresh from the blogging oven... oh man... all the emotions that went into creating this one..."

"when all love is lost... there is really nothing left but to deal with the pain head on... and i am not one to just ignore and fake a smile and pretend everything is okay... it was a hard time... it really was me just holding on to dear "love"... believing in everything that i had was worth fighting for... but in the end... sometimes .. things are just not meant to be... no matter how hard you want them to.. so as a life lesson i had to learn the hard way... love... is...just (sigh).... it ain't easy..."

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