Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Had A Dream...

I was at an outdoor party which was (half wedding reception - half barbecue cookout) and this venue was at an open field just outside my childhood home from where I grew up… there was this long table filled with crazy over the top cakes and sweet desserts very reminiscent of the one like in ALICE IN WONDERLAND in one area of the field …

there were a lot of people at that party and most of them were ex classmates from high school… one in particular came over to me as I was grabbing my piece of cake from the dessert table and talked to me (something that I can’t recall exactly) but I think she asked me if I had anyone special in my life?

Then I walked away from the table and saw these two hot hunky bollywood actors wearing loose black fashion tanktops with neon pink writing on them (very gay indeed!)… I kept staring at them as they went and took a seat at the “alice in wonderland” dessert table and made a totally contemporary “last supper” kodak moment

Here is where it gets weird…

I suddenly then find myself on some sort of wacky tea cup carousel carriage, riding around the outer fields of the party and do u know who was suddenly sitting right next to me in my tea cup????

Jc chasez !
(my heart just skipped a beat – both in my DREAMS & in my SLEEP!)

He was sitting beside me in a black muscle-t tank top just like the one he wore in that black & white music video “gone”… he was sitting in a way that made my arteries constrict!!!! (leaning back sideways towards me just slightly with one arm stretched out on the back of my tea cup seat indirectly wrapping his amazing arms around claiming me as his territory!!!) And with him being in a tank top and all… he was practically exposing his beautiful ArMpit all up in my face!!! For me and only me to see!!!

an imaginative example

He then started talking to me like as if we have been bff’s forever and about how he had a crush on this girl at the party … but all I heard was just “bla bla bla... bla bla... bla bla” because my eyes were just glued at his epic tantalizing nonchalantly oblivious exposed aRmPiT :-p (drool)

(Usually I wake up from my dreams with a sudden…. POOF!!!)

.... but this time I just opened my eyes slowly and took a deep breath in and found myself feeling a rush of blood to my (private parts) and I slowly woke up… still feeling the adrenaline rush from sharing a seat with jc chasez in a tea cup carriage… (sigh)

* * *

jc chasez from N’SYNC is one of my all time celebrity boy band crushes which until this day I still have the jiggly wiggly hots for… he is one of the very few who just epitomizes the term “Tall Dark & Handsome

I was so curious about my recurring weird dreams that always seem to be about coming back to school or ex classmates and male celebrities that I googled it and found a dream interpretation site to find out what these particular things and scenarios meant… and the possible interpretations did surprise me indeed…

“a dream about a PARTY may indicate a need to be more out there to start enjoying the company of others…”

“to dream about your OLD SCHOOL or  EX CLASSMATES indicate that you need to draw on old associations to gain insight to some current relationship… it represents a past lesson that you have learned and is applicable in some aspect of your walking life now”

and lastly…

“to dream about a CELEBRITY CRUSH usually indicates that you have someone in mind that you idealize as to what you want as a partner”

urgh !... all three descriptions were so dead on about what I’m currently experiencing in this moment of my life…


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