Thursday, September 19, 2013

Behind The Writing : Cry...

Cry... originally posted on January 27th 2013

"i remember this vividly because i wrote this right after a good ole cry... see , i was going through a rather confusing time in my life... i was an emotional wreck trying to wear a fake smile everyday and not wanting to say the things i truly wanted to say... till one night while laying in bed... all these pent up feelings just came undone and i started balling my eyes out and sobbing like a complete baby... (something i have not done in a long long LONG .... time)... and just like that... i felt this weight lifted off my shoulders like all the tears just released together with my pent up feelings which in theory....what "crying" is all about any ways right?? lol... oh , i forgot how therapeutic crying can be ..."

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