Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Behind The Writing : Anything For My Man...

Anything For My Man... orginally posted on June 3rd 2013

"oh if only i had a penny for every time someone said their fav line out of this piece was..... “i’d even lay down and be a bottom for you” (i’d be 50 cents richer! lol)... what inspired me about this whole declaration of absolute sweetness was obviously someone so special in my life that made me feel things i never even thought i could ever let myself feel... for example:- “being a bottom”... i have always been one NOT into @nal @ss play f#ck!ng or anything remotely close to that nature... but somehow someway as time went by... and getting to know someone on a more deeper level...i wrapped my mind around it and kinda let myself just open up to that possibility of being a "bottom"... because i’d really do anything for my man...”

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