Thursday, August 15, 2013

Truth Or Dare...

uhhh......i'll take "truth"

there was a time when i didn't really understand the meaning of... "gay"

i was a kid.. who felt abnormal... and weird...that something was not right.... because at that time.. i thought ..."boys were supposed to like girls"... "but then why did i seem to like men?" (yes.. even at a tender age of 10 i already had a tendency to lean towards older men)

i thought that i just had a thing for men in movies .. hollywood movies... "tom cruise"... playing a bartender in "COCKTAIL"...and thinking ..."DAMM i wanna order some OJ from him"

one specific moment.. when me and a group of friends all played truth or dare...and when it was my turn and i got "truth".. i tried to explain my fascination with tom cruise and hollywood men in movies...

stupid friend said.."oh so you dream of being an actor?"... and i showed a confused face..and looked at the ceiling for a few seconds....and said "hmm that's not quite it..."

then stupid friend pointed at me and shouted "YOU'RE GAAAY!!!" and burst out into hysterical laughter... (at that point .. i didn't really know what gay really meant) so i totally denied it without even breaking a sweat...

but shortly after my turn was over and stupid friend had to do a dare... i suddenly realized... privately then and there that....yikes....?

"i guess i am... gay??"

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