Thursday, June 27, 2013

End Of Gays Dot Com...

profile not found

I was recently going through by past blog posts under the category “gay”… and I stumbled upon this one where I posted a picture and linking it to my profile

Well.. I guess I have to correct myself and state that I no longer have a profile on there anymore because i decided to delete it…


Hmmm … let’s just say that although I have gotten to know a lot of gay guys from that site both good & bad & everything in between… (4 of the good ones worth getting a shout out) 

  • A wolf
  • A terrorist
  • And 2 dinosaurs 

(well… 3 dinosaurs… if I include the wolf…who is in fact a dinosaur when the moon is not full) lol :-p

But generally for me… I just found it too moot to continue having a profile I didn’t find useful anymore… especially when there seemed to be more jerks and narcissistic @$$ holes on there than ever before…


2 comments: said...

Dino says "HAHAHA". LOL

N!LoC said...

duh duh DUH !!! LOL

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