Monday, December 10, 2012

The Friend In Me...

 friendships come and go like winter to spring
they either blossom in time or slowly die from within
the years go by and some just disappear
yet one still remains but here is the thing

my friend hurts me in ways that’s all fun and casual
but below the surface, the damage is all but minimal
my friend talks and talks like it’s just all the usual 
but never has an ear to listen, to me... that’s just criminal

it feels like i’m a wall, a doormat, just an outlet to use
i’ve even been made fun of and verbally abused
i'm slowly realizing something that may just prompt me to choose
that the "friend" in me, might be the very friend you’ll lose

~ by N!LoC ~

2 comments: said...

That's me. That's me.

N!LoC said...

Well I'm glad we share something in common :-)

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