Monday, September 17, 2012

Behind The Writing : Match The Following...

Match The Following... originally posted on november 9th 2011

"i never really revealed the answers to this... but i guess it's now or never right??... (giggle giggle)" 
"an extremely hot guy in a tanktop i saw in a banging gay club walked up to me just to ask if i was a girl or a boy... he even checked me out to see if i had boobs (yes i was fat and had man boobs...guilty as charged)" 
"an ex classmate (guy) once told my best friend not to be friends with me because i was apparently abnormal and i still remember that as if it was just yesterday...(and as it turned out... that ex classmate is a proactive gay bashing homophobe) " 
"my brother once said to me in a rage (why did god even create you and put you on this earth !??!)" 
"a co-worker (girl) said : don't make that face... you think you're that handsome???... ( and to think all i did was smile at something funny she said earlier)" 
"a close friend A (girl) told me that i was so emotionally cheap that no medicine in the world could cure me while another close friend B (girl) told me that there was something wrong with the way i talk... walk... dress etc and she still tells me that to my face from time to time till this very day..." 
"my mom asked me countless times when i was younger why do i always like female singers (insinuating like it's a bad thing)" 
"and a gay college friend (guy) once blurted out that i was cute... but then he retracted and clarified instantly and said : i don't mean that kind of "cute"... ya know what i mean right??"


fantus said...

WOW!!! Well you are cute. I bet your walk is just fine!!! Yummy even!!!

N!LoC said...

My normal everyday walk ? Or my Naomi Campbell walk ? (Giggle giggle)

fantus said...

You just walk and I bet it will just be......"hey boi...what you do?"

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