Friday, September 28, 2012

Behind The Writing : Between You And Me...

Between You And Me... originally posted on july 24th 2012

"one fine day during my rare sunset evening jog... i witnessed one of those eclipse thingy and noticed that there was a second sunset on the other end of the sky (well it looked like a second sunset) only because the eclipse thingy looked like a sun too! end of the sky was red and the other was still blue as day... and really... these sorta things only happen like once every how many years/ lifetimes?... and the next night i saw that the moon was full, clear and brighter than ever... it even made everything around me have a certain glow..."
 "the feelings that tingled on me, when drenching myself in rare moments like those... were just so inspiring... and then i thought to myself... hmmmm i actually get similar tingling feelings when i sometimes think of a certain **someone... and so inspiration presented itself...and "between you and me" was written"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Behind The Writing : Have You Ever Been In Love...

Have You Ever Been In Love...  originally posted on july 2nd 2012

"i actually stumbled upon a beautiful set of editorial pics online while doing my porn search repertoire...they were so beautifully shot...each set of pics set a mood, told a story and it was so touching... that i got inspired to make a little picture music video... and since i discovered windows movie maker... i found that this is just another creative outlet that extends much more than what writing can do..."

"as the saying goes...(a picture is worth a thousand words) well... try put a dozen pictures in a 3 minute video with a killer celine soundtrack and the finished product is just...well... take a look for yourself !"

"james cameron... better watch out...i'm coming for ya!"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Behind The Writing : Where Is The Love...

Where Is The Love... originally posted on march 11th 2012

"this blog post was inspired immediately after i tried my hands on this gay iphone app for random chatting and tried flirting online with a bunch of guys for fun... and all i got was a bunch of self centered pompous narcissists with not a single drop of humor!... all i wanted was to find some gay guys in my area who were interested in having a mutual friendship... boy oh boy the gay world is brutal i tell ya!... the celine soundtrack to accompany this post was so fitting as i used to listen to that song in my room when i was younger and think of love as something generally beautiful and easily attainable... but when humanity seems to have lost all sense of social decency's a sad thing to know that good people really are a dying breed"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Behind The Writing : Touch...

Touch... originally posted on january 27th 2012

"four simple lines yet it spoke leaps and bounds... but there are limits to what words can emote or describe... and a picture is ONLY worth about a thousand words... so i thought about what i could do if i couldn't express myself with words ?... the answer is quite simple :  i would touch ... and so the creative juices started flowing freely and this simple yet powerful poem came to life... " 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Behind The Writing : Match The Following...

Match The Following... originally posted on november 9th 2011

"i never really revealed the answers to this... but i guess it's now or never right??... (giggle giggle)" 
"an extremely hot guy in a tanktop i saw in a banging gay club walked up to me just to ask if i was a girl or a boy... he even checked me out to see if i had boobs (yes i was fat and had man boobs...guilty as charged)" 
"an ex classmate (guy) once told my best friend not to be friends with me because i was apparently abnormal and i still remember that as if it was just yesterday...(and as it turned out... that ex classmate is a proactive gay bashing homophobe) " 
"my brother once said to me in a rage (why did god even create you and put you on this earth !??!)" 
"a co-worker (girl) said : don't make that face... you think you're that handsome???... ( and to think all i did was smile at something funny she said earlier)" 
"a close friend A (girl) told me that i was so emotionally cheap that no medicine in the world could cure me while another close friend B (girl) told me that there was something wrong with the way i talk... walk... dress etc and she still tells me that to my face from time to time till this very day..." 
"my mom asked me countless times when i was younger why do i always like female singers (insinuating like it's a bad thing)" 
"and a gay college friend (guy) once blurted out that i was cute... but then he retracted and clarified instantly and said : i don't mean that kind of "cute"... ya know what i mean right??"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Behind The Writing : Last Dance...

Last Dance... originally posted on january 29th 2012

"i actually won a goodie bag for being a top 5 finalist in a valentine's day message contest i entered on and it was even published on their facebook page... what inspired me to write that poem was just me thinking about the trials and tribulations of being in a long distance relationship... and i must say... sadness and despair always seem to bring out the best artistic expression in me... although i think i should try to be more inspired by happiness and positivity hehe" 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Behind The Writing : Break Me...

Break Me... originally posted on june 14th 2012

"when jewel sang that line in her song, i related to it in a way because i thought physically i have imperfections just like anyone else...but then someone once described me as a beautiful rose with sharp thorns all around me pricking, hurting and pushing anyone away who got too close to know the real me... it hit me all at once... then that line brought on a whole new meaning... for some reason, i couldn't even continue writing what was going through my head that day and so i just stopped and just published that very single line..."

Friday, September 7, 2012

Behind The Writing : Hallmark Moment...

Hallmark Moment... originally posted on november 7th 2011

"a very special person in my life gave me a hallmark greeting card soon after we started dating... and the words that were written in that card was so perfect and tailor made for what we were feeling for each other... it almost gave me a migraine!... (some people get teary eyed ... i get headaches)"
 "this was hands down the most amazing and meaningful card anyone has ever given me...and i thought it would be such a beautiful stamp in history to post this on my blog to remind me of how powerful words can make a person feel"

Monday, September 3, 2012

Behind The Writing : The Beautiful Ones...

The Beautiful Ones... originally posted on february 21st 2012

"technically this was my very first blog post for ice cream and rainbows back in sept 2011 but i recycled it, added a new hot pic and uploaded it again a few months later... i didn't really have any direction in what i wanted my blog to be about.. so i just wrote what just happened that day... and by reading the second half of it... i realized that writing about my actual accounted memories and present feelings in a 2nd person point of view was actually interesting and insightfull to put in a blog... i also thought that i could name every new post under a mariah song, hence (the beautiful ones) but then again, good thing i didn't... because that would have been a silly restricting thing to do wouldn't it? "

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Year Of Blogging...

yes... ICE CREAM AND RAINBOWS has just turned 1 this month of september...

and to commemorate an entire year of blogging... i have hand picked some posts from the past year that are intimately & uniquely special to me and will be adding some insightful "behind the writing" commentary as to what inspired me to write them...

looking back in retrospect... hmmm  it really does bring back a lot of memories...

i look forward to blogging  another year and would also like to thank all the readers out there for reading my blog posts...


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