Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Stalker Part 1...

"if you don't trust me... you can can tie my hands up..."

it all started when i was woken up by loud noises outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night.  (at the time...i was staying at an apartment complex by myself and the layout of the whole place didn't really give anyone much privacy...and the main walkway was practically just a step outside my bedroom window)

on a few occasions i managed to peek out to see who was the person hanging outside my place walking back and forth through the walkway... and the person was actually a young skinny looking guy who probably was in his early 20's (or maybe younger)

he had been loitering around a few nights in a row... at times he was trying to peek through the blinds into my bedroom!... i thought it was just some crazy hooligan who had nothing better to do than to cause trouble... so i just ignored it.. (in fact i was really really scared but thought that if i kept ignoring him.. he would just stop doing what he was doing)... but that guy was persistent..

one night...(apparently he must have seen or heard me come home late)... and that was when he started calling out for me outside my door!!!

i totally ignored it... making myself think that he was calling for someone else in the apartment unit beside me...he eventually stopped and i went to bed (thinking... should i call security ? he is not really stalking me... is he?)    

the next morning when i woke up... i saw a folded piece of paper under the front door which he must have slipped through last night when i went to bed...

and this was what he wrote:-

continued to part 2...

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