Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mr. Tanktop Part 3...


i was aware how SLEAZY the whole moment was turning  into but i guess i just wanted to dip my toes into the "wild"

so once we were in the cubicle together... he dove straight for it and stuck his tongue down my left ear (it was like hearing my self drown in a slobbery puddle of spit!)...he unbuttoned the top half of my shirt... and i pulled his tanktop over the back of his neck...

D E L I C I O U S ... F R O N T ... V I E W ! ! !

yes... he had an @mAz!nG 6 pack and a smokin hot body (he must have been in his late 30's because his matured face gave it away).. i was so nervous ... my heart was pounding like a "david guetta" song....

he then started to undo my jean button and zipper and started fondling my p3n!$ and then moved on to "finger" me up the @$$...(that was totally unexpected... almost made me whimper out loud!)

he pulled my head towards his chest to suck on his n!ppL3$ (i quite enjoyed that one!)...then he dropped his pants and showed me his amazing






[0[K !!!

i held it in my right hand and was in disbelief!!  that such a huge piece of human meat actually existed!!!...he pointed me to go down on him... but like a reflex action.. i simply whispered out...

"i don't suck [0[K"

well.. the uneventful moment ended with me giving him a quick hand job but he never did manage to cross the finish line because i guess we were aware that someone started getting suspicious in the cubicle beside us...

and as it turned out.. a month later...i actually saw him multiple times again around that area with other young virginal innocent looking guys going into that very same public restroom together!... man oh man.. i guess "MR. TANKTOP" was in fact "MR. PREDATOR" who really liked his prey young!

not my proudest moment... but yeah.. no least i can look back on my innocent teenage years and say...

"i made out with a hot stranger in a tanktop in a public restroom!!!"

(and give myself a pat on the back)



jamiessmiles said...

Anyone looking to fuck in the washroom is a regular cruiser, so it deosn't surprise me he's still looking for Mr. Right now.

N!LoC said...

oh this was a looong time ago, but i do wonder if he is still cruising for some "cubicle action" hehe

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