Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 5...

the top 5 (non MARIAH) songs that were soundtracks to my life...

Vonda Shepard ~ Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

the ally mcbeal years..(sigh) such nostalgia...this was just another song that made me think about the "love games" someone played with me..and one PLAYER in particular played me oh so well..


Gloria Estefan ~ Your Picture

my very first crush in college..corny as it may sound... it might have easily been "love at 1st sight" with rob...it took me a good 3 yrs to completely forget about him... and this was the soundtrack of my 3 year "getting over you" season.


Mellisa Etheridge ~ Down To One

after countless online acquaintances and friendships with guys from all over the world... it would always end up void and this was the song that totally stopped me from going through the whole online dating thing ever again...but lucky for me... i never really stopped trying :)


Shakira ~ Underneath Your Clothes

when i was a horny little devil during my teenage years.. i would pass by beautiful guys and secretly rape them with my imagination...and this song was usually playing on my ipod when i "romantically" raped them...


Paula Abdul ~ Rush Rush

ahhhh the echoing coos of paula abdul and all her desperation... how could i not relate to a song about ..being dramatic.. and being needy ...and extremely impatient for desperately wanting a lover to "rush rush" to me??? till this very day i still abuse the repeat button when i listen to this song.

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