Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sexy Boy...

isn't it amazing how some boys can just grow up and blossom into some of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?

i was watching a promo about the season finale of TEEN WOLF and they showed a glimpse of some hot brunette guy held captive in some dark place which looked like an underground prison cell all tied up and getting tortured ... (F.Y.I any chance i get to indulge in some shirtless male bondage on cable tv... you can count me in!)

and it just so happened that i recognized this familiar face who is the main character in that show... i know i've seen him somewhere before... in some movie.. and i was right!... it was MAID IN MANHATTAN...and that little kid who played J.LO'S son is all grown up and is now equipped with solar panels on his stomach (solar panels = a 6 pack..and if anyone has more packs than that... i'll just call that a chocolate bar)

his name is TYLER POSEY...he was all cute and adorable in that MAID IN MANHATTAN movie..

yummy !!!
but if i could add one more adjective to describe him now...i would say...
yummy !!! (but this time i really do want to eat him...)
makes me wonder... will i ever transform into a beautiful swan or will i be the ugly duckling for the rest of my life... ?

1 comment:

Ste said...

awww, you're a doll boy!

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