Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Iphone 5...

 "mirror mirror on the wall....will apple release iphone 5 by end of fall...?"

with the iphone .. i can be connected through WHATSAPP! 24/7... it's pratically the best chat app for a smartphone out there now and ever since i got mine.. it practically changed my life for the better! 2 of my gal friends have been bugging me to get an iphone ever since they got their iphone 3gs a couple years ago...and it was easy for them to brag because THEIR BOYFRIENDS were the ones who bought it for them..!!!

(f.y.i.both gals are no longer with their bfs) one strayed away and "fell out of love" and the other gal played the "game of love" too much untill her guy had enough and called it quits...but looking on the bright side... they both still have their iphones as freebies..(aswell as numerous louis vuittons and gucci)

i actually bought my iphone 3gs from one of them when she decided to upgrade to the iphone 4 and it was definately the best purchase of my life...!

ok, whats WHATSAPP ?

i am connected all day everyday with them..what they have for lunch...they post a pic and show off some fancy shmancy restaurant they are eating at and give live updates about how she just had mind blowing sex with her new bf and how she did the 69 position and how she loved his pinkish dick as comparison to her last bf's dick skin tone...and sometimes i do actually feel sick and tired of them bitching and gossiping about other ppl and useless topics

so when i need some some piece and quiet..i just press the "silent" button...(which i do every night before i go to sleep) because those 2 bitches can be amzingly inconsiderate waking me up in the morning to start the daily gossip and prevent me from getting my beauty sleep (i know i sound like im bitching about them but.. i still love my WHATSAPP!!!)

another app that i'm dying to try out is VIBER!

free calls to anyone.. anywhere ..anytime!!! and with me and my boifriend doing the whole long distance / online relationship thing... this one will definately come in handy... once he actually upgrades his extinct palm pre to the iphone 5..

thats..... IF..... the iphone 5 actually gets released this year... i don't think i can wait any longer...

the waiting feels like chasity for me!!!!


Ste said...

<3 my iPhone :)

Anonymous said...

The extinct palm pre will soo be extinct for sure BaBaY

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